Brigham City, Utah
  Brigham City Motels, Hotels and Lodging
    Brigham City, Utah Motels, Hotels & Lodging.

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Motels, Hotels & Lodging
Brigham City, Utah
Can I make the Brigham CityHow will I know when my
reservation by phone? Wereservation is confirmed? Our
would be happy to help youconfirmation number displayed
make any Brigham City hotelimmediately upon successfully
reservation by phone. You canmaking your reservation. Our
call our toll free number betweensystems work behind the
the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.scenes to email you the final
Monday through Friday (CST).confirmation number.
11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 
Sunday.How much is the charge for
 more than two people per
How can I be sure informationroom? Different policy are
about my credit card is secure?established by each hotel
We use secure-socket-layerregarding multiple guests per
(SSL) encryption, the standardroom. Our booking engine
encryption on the Internet. Thistechnology allows for display of
type of encryption allows you tothe appropriate rate for your
feel confident and secure aboutroom when the number of adults
supplying personal and creditis selected.
card information. 
 Can you give driving directions?
Is there a minimum ageYes, click the map link
requirements to reserve adisplayed on the property
room? A minimum age of 18 is"Detail" page. This informative
required by most hotels to bookmap will give you the main cross
a room. Some require thestreets and address. Click the
guest(s) be 21. Thesetab: "directions", type in your
requirements and otheraddress and click "submit". A
amenities information on thedetailed list of where to turn and
property "Detail" many miles will be
Are free shuttles supplied from 
the airport to the hotel? SomeAre taxes included in the rates?
hotels do offer free shuttleTaxes are figured and
services from the airport but notdisplayed into the final payment
all. Please verify this informationscreen. See rate details for
on the property informationtaxes for each day.

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Name Street Address Class ZipCode
Rodeway Inn480 Westland Drive 84302  
Howard Johnson1167 S. Main Budget84302  
Crystal Inn Brigham City 480 Westland Drive  84302