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District of Columbia
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 Can I make the District of ColumbiaIs there a minimum age
 reservation by phone? We wouldrequirements to reserve a room? A
 be happy to help you make anyminimum age of 18 is required by
 District of Columbia hotelmost hotels to book a room. Some
 reservation by phone. You can callrequire the guest(s) be 21. These
 our toll free number between therequirements and other amenities
 hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mondayinformation on the property "Detail"
 through Friday (CST). 11 a.m. to 6pages.
 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. 
  Do I pay for the entire reservation
 How can I be sure informationamount or do I just make a deposit
 about my credit card is secure?to hold the room? It depends on the
 We use secure-socket-layer (SSL)room you book. Some of our
 encryption, the standard encryptionpartners require just a $5.00 room
 on the Internet. This type ofnight deposit to hold your room
 encryption allows you to feelwhile others require a full payment
 confident and secure aboutfor the room at the time of your
 supplying personal and credit cardreservation. Please refer to the
 information.amount displayed on the
  confirmation page to see what your
 Is free breakfast available? Somecredit card will be charged upon
 hotels offer free breakfast withmaking the reservation.
 each room night booked. This 
 information can be found on theCan you give driving directions?
 property information "detail" pageYes, click the map link displayed
 for your specific property.on the property "Detail" page. This
  informative map will give you the
 How will I know when mymain cross streets and address.
 reservation is confirmed? OurClick the tab: "directions", type in
 confirmation number displayedyour address and click "submit". A
 immediately upon successfullydetailed list of where to turn and
 making your reservation. Ourhow many miles will be displayed.
 systems work behind the scenes to 
 email you the final confirmation 

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