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Big Bear Lake, California
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Big Bear Lake, California
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Featured hotels in Big Bear Lake, California:

Best Western Big Bear Lake California Hotels Best Western Big Bear Chateau  Location Description: Nestled 7,200 feet in Big 
Bear Lake's Pine Forest, the Best Western Big 
42200 Moonridge Road  Bear Chateau is centrally located between 
Zip Code 92315 More Details

 Big Bear Lake California Hotels Nothwoods Resort and Conference Center  Location Description: Northwoods Resort and 
Conference Center is located in the beautiful 
40650 Village Drive  San Bernardino Mountains, in Big Bear Lake, 
Zip Code 92315 More Details

 Big Bear Lake California Hotels Cozy Hollow Lodge  Location Description: Nestled among the 
majestic pines of Big Bear Lake is Cozy Hollow 
40409 Big Bear Blvd. PO Box 3541  Lodge. Our 3 unit lodge and 10 cabins are 
Zip Code 92315 More Details

Big Bear Lake Inn  Location Description: Big Bear Lake Inn is your 
perfect home away from home for your next 
39471 Big Bear Boulevard  mountain vacation. Located just minutes from 
Zip Code 92315 More Details

Big Bear Lakefront Lodge  Location Description: The Big Bear Lakefront 
Lodge features Lakefront Suites, Full-Kitchen 
40360 Lakeview Drive  Suites and Garden Suites including the 
Zip Code 92315 More Details

Thundercloud Resort  Location Description: Accommodations at 
Thundercloud Resort are rustic and 
40598 Lakeview  comfortable. We have a total of 64 rooms 
Zip Code 92315 More Details

Snow Lake Lodge  Location Description: Snow Lake Lodge, in Big 
Bear Lake, California, will surround you in sun 
41579 Big Bear Blvd  and ski excitement. Year round vacations 
Zip Code 92315 More Details

Marina Resort  Location Description: Marina Resort is a 3 star 
resort located on the lake and in the center of 
40770 Lakeview Drive  Big Bear Lake Village. Enjoy tastefully 
Zip Code 92315 More Details

Big Bear Frontier  Location Description: The Big Bear Frontier is a 
beautiful lakefront resort that offers a true 
40472 Big Bear Blvd.  mountain vacation experience. We are located 
Zip Code 92315 More Details

Sleepy Forest Cottages  Location Description: Our secluded cottages 
are intimate, romantic and many have Jacuzzi 
426 Eureka Drive  baths in front of the fireplaces and double 
Zip Code 92315-3706 More Details

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Name Street Address Class ZipCode
Best Western Big Bear Chateau   42200 Moonridge Road  92315  
Big Bear Lakefront Lodge   40360 Lakeview DriveModerate92315  
Big Bear Frontier   40472 Big Bear Blvd. Premium92315  
Nothwoods Resort and Conference Center   40650 Village Drive  92315  
Snow Lake Lodge   41579 Big Bear Blvd 92315  
Marina Resort   40770 Lakeview Drive 92315  
Sleepy Forest Cottages   426 Eureka Drive 92315  
Cozy Hollow Lodge   40409 Big Bear Blvd. PO Box 3541  92315  
Thundercloud Resort   40598 Lakeview 92315  
Inn   39471 Big Bear Boulevard  92315